Amongst geeks, a hacker is someone who builds technological stuff out of bits and pieces (not a security 'researcher').

Hackers make programs, robots, biology etc. They are obsessed with the small details required to build new stuff.

The technological artisans hone their chosen craft in order to something beautiful and functional.

In one sense it's egotistical, a project becomes an extension of oneself. Labouring and giving birth to ideas which become real.

However, the hope is often also to send a little piece of magic out there to help and delight others.

As any sport fan knows. Passing requires two things. The passer and receiver. The passer spots a gap; places his pass; but has to help the receiver to control the ball.

Obsessing about making is necessary, not sufficient.

Over the next nine months I need to start obsessing about the receivers.

How am I going to make it easier to for people to hear about and get satisfaction from my projects?

Hack into the market in the second sense of the word.