Football. Sunday. The pitch has been baked solid by Singapore strength sun. Dust in the air.

Your correspondent is in his trusty right back position. Making miss pass after miss pass.

Yet, unusually everybody's smiling. Is it because we are 7-1 up and any risk of a comeback is far past?


However, Chinese New Year is almost here, and there's a holiday mood in the air.

Living in foreign countries is recommended partly because you can celebrate your own holidays (Christmas, chief among them for the Irish) plus your host country's.

Thanksgiving is special.

Herrenstag in Germany? Also agreeable.

The same can be said for work.

My bread and butter has been finding odd looking risk analytics and figuring out why they do or don't make sense.

(Surprisingly often, trustworthy numbers have a quirky aesthetic)

But, I get a real kick I get from programming. Functional programming.

How can you create a bunch of returns recursively? Could I use a fold?

And, in the past years, I've enjoyed chatting to prospective customers. Talking shop with people across the industry; understanding that everyone is plowing surprisingly similar furrows.

Realising, we are not alone.

And sometimes spotting how things can be done better, which I can help out with.

So, while any one person might have an upper limit in the number of holidays one can reasonably participate in. You can dip your toes into a lot of professional areas; celebrating small landmarks along the way. Just as we do every year with Chinese Spring Festival, Christmas and the like.