Risk analysts like me are happiest when everyone else is losing money.

We're the doomsayers; the 'crow mouths'; the back seat drivers of the finance world. Cackling 'I told you so' all the way down.

No wonder this blog is so down on the finance industry.

Ironically. The problem with finance is that everyone's so wrapped up in making money.

But it just occurred to me, how nice it is to be able to bundle a concept into an investment strategy as a carrot to get people interested.

Sure this can be misused and it's often abused, but saying

A) two things are correlated

is a lot less enticing than saying,

B) do this for a year or two and beat the market - oh - and this is due to that correlation, see?

Plus, gaining an insight into how something in the market works is encapsulated by a money spinning scheme.

You don't have to get all metaphysical about it, the way economists do, overreaching stringing too long a chain of ideas together.

If you got it flaunt it, and when you don't have it you'll be told no uncertain terms.