Cats teach kittens how to hunt by injuring prey and letting their young play around with it before eating it.

Playing is a natural way to learn and yet that too often goes out the window in favour of getting all academic.

In my never ending quest to take finance less seriously, I invented a card game using cards to teach people about options (originally it was a disguised as a space invaders theme to get people hooked).

Spades and hearts cards are drawn at random, incrementing or decrementing a running total (e.g. cumulative stock price).

Each player can go long, short, or skip each round but also has a handful of 'option' cards, which would protect them from ups (diamond is a call struck according to rank) downs (club is a put) and help them profit from the undulating changes (playing multiple cards together is encouraged) over the coming round of play.

Both jokers are included with the spades and hearts, after each is drawn, and extra card is pulled from that deck each round - resulting in an increase in volatility.

My other half played it with me a bunch of times, and she picked up all the concepts.

Last Christmas I showed it to my sister and her boyfriend. The game played out like this.

They trounced both of us. I was really trying though!

After that I gave up.

Nevertheless, perhaps it's worthwhile writing up a set of rules. I would also love to incorporate mechanisms for writing options and trading, in order to get deeper into valuation techniques while keeping things simple and intuitive.