We woke up late, I jumped out of bed threw on my Lonsdale t-shirt, ran over the road to buy some bits and pieces for the imminent guests.

A few odd stares, nothing to be worried about.

Only later on, I found out that Lonsdale is the favoured sporty look for neo-Nazis.

Germany doesn't allow Nazi paraphernalia so Nazis get creative. Lonsdale contains the initials of the National Socialist Democratic Workers Party in German. Yikes!

Apart from anything else, one of the most popular self help movements of all time. They had everything:

Charismatic Leader



Best Selling Book

Which is generally sold at a loss - turns out it was given away to every wedding couple and soldier from '33.


Book Tour

Used to cash in. Nuremberg rally.


Pseudo Science

Racism, eugenics etc.


Easy Solutions

Lebensraum, extermination etc.


Self help books come in many different forms of course, but there are less sold in Germany than anywhere else.

In Singapore, the subways are often plastered with a limbless guy proclaiming - 'if I am happy you can be too!'

In China and the US, there's a bunch across the spectrum, from weight loss to spirituality to money.

I have never read a financial self help book, although I do read a few borderline blog posts, and sometimes I feel this blog is just about to turn into one - you have to remain vigilant!

The thought of writing a book has crossed my mind however.

There is definitely a sci-fi novel in me! But more practice is needed. Then there's the turning-a-bunch-of-themes-from-the-blog-into-a-book route. But, what I would really like to do is a programming book.

Specifically, Functional Programming for Finance.

Most likely using Javascript, despite its clunkiness it's available on browsers everywhere.

Each chapter would introduce a concept and cover a useful example.

  1. Environment Overview - Browser Console
  2. Maps - Extract Tranform Load (ETL) CSV files
  3. Folds -
  4. Unfolds - Binomial Tree
  5. (Tail) Recursion -
  6. Lazy / Infinite Data Structures - Monte Carlo / Real Time analysis
  7. List Comprehensions -
  8. Currying -
  9. Wrap Up - Important themes to keep in mind (Immutability etc.)

I will keep adding concepts and chapters as ideas strike.

Each chapter will go like this.

Left page with one or two lines of code - beautifully typeset (functional programming is succinct).

Right page breaks down the code, and a link to a working HTML page example.

It's a tragedy that so many are stuck with VBA when a very capable modern language is available on every desktop.

While the next armageddon will most likely come in the form of a self help guru; this mini armageddon is aimed purely at VBA.

Let me know if you want to collaborate or have some chapter ideas - might be fun!