Doing anything worthwhile in life, including even getting out of bed, requires a measure of naivety and a splash of optimism.

Doing what you have never done before, being creative, is heartily foolish. Yet every day I try and mostly fail to do just that.

The investing world has a nice analogue.

The way I describe growth versus value investing to my other half is as a battle between cold hard numbers and warm fuzzy optimism.

Usually when you buy a 'value' company all you have to cling on to are the reported numbers. You are buying into the ratios.

When buying growth however, you take a leap of faith and buy into a story.

Words versus numbers.

Optimism versus pessimism.

Recently, I have been applying value analysis to my Twitter stream.

Here's the setup.

The number of followers represents stock price.

The more followers you have the higher I set the bar.

Secondly, each tweet is judged by retweets and favourites.

So I came up with a ranking function which increases the rank of a tweet the more retweets and favourites it has, but lowers it when the author has more followers.

This site shows the top 10 'value' picture related tweets or stories on 'finance twitter' over the last 24 hours.

(When does the political silly season end in the US again? Still another year of this??)

Doing this for text only stories or links to PDFs will be a tad more educational, and provide a better balance.

Next on the todo list.