Quant Casual is my robotic slightly idiosyncratic news aggregator.

It picks news stories from 'Finance Twitter' like value investors pick stocks!

The more popular the author of a Tweet, the more faves and retweets we require for the robot to publish the story on the site.

In terms of the price earnings ratio, price is number of twitter followers, earnings is a combination of favourites and retweets.

So how does today's front page look like?

Top story is how to make your own talking Donald Trump puppet!

Changing gears, slightly, a quote on the current state of the world,

Open borders is a satanic parody of love thy neighbor, just as socialism is a satanic parody of Christian charity.

Hits the mark.

How about a dash of feminism?

The Venn diagram of men who say women take too long to get ready and men who ask if you're sick when you're not wearing makeup is a circle.

I am myself a feminist, but it's nice to see that finance Twitter also share those values.

Before we get too girl, 'BeerManBoobs' chimes in with,

Today at crossfit, we had to spoon wild mountain lions.

Glad I dodged that fad.

Like to get into the weeds vis a vis US politics? The gubernatorial race in Louisiana is getting dirty with talk about who wants to let the Syrians in.

Personally knowing three Syrian refugees here in Germany - you should be so lucky Louisiana.

On another tangent, Portugal's new government is looking for advice from its major banks about selecting a Prime Minister. Sounds like the game keeper's looking for advice from the wolves... Odd. Perhaps pragmatic though, Portugal is still involved in the EU bailout programs.

Next, Ebola can teach us lessons for managing refugee terrorism fears.

Moreover, 5 Syrians arrested in Honduras with fake Greek passports.

Another great quote:

It takes years of accumulated market knowledge to know how much of it you can ignore.

and finally,

Don’t like refugees? Maybe don’t knock over Iraq, stoke a civil war in Syria, decapitate Libya, or encourage bloody revolution everywhere.

Personally this beats my Twitter stream. I am too lazy to sift through hundreds of Tweets for the few gems.

Nevertheless the next step will be to focus more on quant finance topics.