Quant Casual is a website which finds articles loosely related to finance, specifically a combination of the smart and quirky found over the last 24 hours. I.e. stuff that people in the field find interesting.

My problem over the last weeks has been to keep the algorithm from wandering into topics such as college football and masturbation.

After a couple of tweaks it's far more focused now.

Currently the top story on Quant Casual is a round up of the Neural Information Processing Systems 2015 conference.

Specifically breakthroughs in teaching AIs how to play video games. Pitfall is very difficult, with which I wholeheartedly concur.

Surprisingly it beats out my favourite post - the announcement of the coming season of House of Cards - #FU2016 indeed.

Next up, an article on future trends in data science. A bunch of ideas to mull over, chief amongst them technologies which make statistical and machine learning easier (reminds me of probabilistic programming).

While probabilistic programming is still just a pipe dream, I am a huge fan of functional programming, but the article on exceptional structures in languages like Haskell and PureScript is not for the faint hearted.

On a lighter note, I was surprised to see that Jesse Livermore picked up and ran with the 'Simplest Momentum' strategy I wrote about a while back. Nice to see even Cliff Asness weighed in on Twitter.

Next, the troubled high yield fixed income hedge fund, Third Avenue's holdings are broken down. Doesn't look pretty.

Stocks that rarely look pretty are high dividend stocks. The WSJ weighs in on how non zero interest rates will impact them. Upshot? Companies have accrued so much cash, nothing's going to change soon.

Lastly a blog post on 'the perfect business', heuristics on measuring up businesses which you are about to start or join.

Quant Casual has room to improve, but as long as it can consistently track down a handful of similar diverse articles every day (while avoiding college football) I will be happy.